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  Website Statistics provide insight

Understanding website traffic and visitor clickstream behavior is crucial to managing a website on a daily basis.

  • Make daily decisions based on customer behavior

  • Traffic statistics are a form of direct feedback

  • Generate marketing numbers - not guesswork

  • Learn what customers do & adjust content to meet their needs

  • Adjust strategies according to what works

  • Identify non-effective strategies and drop them

  • Profit from informed advertising and content management decisions

  Unique and user-friendly software
  • intuitive and pleasant interface
  • direct and timely technical support
  • developed with extensive user feedback
  • based on input of industry marketers and analysts
  • over 100 marketers and webmasters provided ideas
         As few reports as possible
  • Don't drown in reports and data
  • Only see the numbers you really need to know
  • Crucial information in non-technical language



Website Analysis

Comprehensive Website tracking, web statistics and website analysis

Opentracker is a web site tracking tool built for website analysis. Analyze website statistics and monitor visitors online & in 'real time'.

Real-time Visitor Monitor
Enhanced clickstream analysis. Explore visitor clickstreams live on a real-time graphical interface.
Track Unique Visitors
Track unique visitors over long periods of time. Track first-time and returning visitors.
Search Term Analysis
Track, record, and analyze search terms used to find your site. Complete list of terms ordered by popularity through time.
Detailed Referrer Reports
Top referrer and search engine lists. We bring you the "page before". See actual search results page, one click before your site.
Shared Information with Ease
Add colleagues as users. Add clients & their sites. Download reports into MS Excel.
Simple to Install
Intuitive & User-friendly. One line of code to add to your pages. Start tracking in minutes
Country, Company/ISP
See which companies visit your site. Detailed reports show all traffic by country of origin
Drill-down demographics
Cities, states, ZIP codes & Area codes for N. America. Also see U.S. DMA - Direct Market Area Stats.

Additional Features

Exclude your own visits use IP or cookie exclusion tool to exclude visits of yourself & colleagues.

Server-side application service provider (ASP): we host your stats for you on our servers

International character support See page titles in their original character set (Arabic, Chinese, Hebrew, Korean, Japanese...)

Add multiple users to share statistics with colleagues or clients

Scalability extensive back-end management system, easy to add sites

User forum ask questions, find answers, read past threads

Measure entry pages and exit links see the "page before"

Track unlimited web pages no limit to the numbers of pages

Track multiple sites simply add them to your account

Track SSL secure pages (https)

Password protected 24/7 access

Upgrades and new versions are automatic

Timezone independent - view stats in any timezone, according to the date/ time settings on your computer

Integrate with other web publishing systems (php, jsp, asp)

Measure bounce rate and click-through rate per page

Download reports into MS Excel (Office 2000) or CSV


Customize your traffic reports - adjust time period covered

Language View your web stats in your own language. At the moment we support English, Japanese, Spanish, Russian, Swedish, German and Dutch. More languages will be added soon

For more information or to subscribe to this service for only $30.00 per month,
please click here to contact us >>


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