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Anti-Spam Protection

  • How much time do your employees spend reading spam?
  • How much time do your employees spend browsing porn sites, advertised on spam emails

The more spam your employees receive, the more time they will spend reading it, and browsing websites advertised. It doesn't take long before your business is losing significant productivity.

Enterprise grade, server-side anti-spam protection means your business security is maximised.

  1. We intercept spam, before it reaches your employee email mailbox.


  2. You can adjust the sensitivity of the spam filter to optimise the product. Choose a filter setting of 10 and stop your staff receiving just about any newsletters with "opt-out" at the bottom.

Please Note: Anti-virus & Anti-spam protection require customers to be hosting their email services with us.

Do you think your staff are sinking into the habit of reading spam and associated websites? Order Spam Protection and curtail the problem now, before its too late. Our Anti-spam protection product will intercept over 95% of incoming spam.


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