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Anti-Virus Protection

Secure your business from computer virus crime!

  • Did you know a computer virus can monitor access to your Online Banking facility and reveal your passwords to a hacker?
  • Have you ever wondered how much it would cost your business, if your computer was crippled by computer viruses

The reality is businesses pay $1,000's for insurance against theft, but a far bigger risk to your business is from viruses. Virus protection products can assist you mitigate against your business being closed down from only $88pa.

Enterprise grade, server-side anti-virus protection means your business security is maximised.

  1. We virus scan your email, before it reaches your email mailbox. Viruses don't reach your network, which means security is maximised.

  2. Our application is updated daily to protect against new viruses, which means security is maximised

  3. Our solution is supported by Kaspersky Labs. The company consists of 250 highly qualified specialists, including members of the prestigious Computer Anti-virus Researchers Organization (CARO).

Select your ultimate Anti-virus protection solution.

Don't risk disaster.

Please Note: Anti-virus & Anti-spam protection require customers to be hosting their email services with us.

Do you know a victim of computer viruses? Don't become one, protect your business before its too late.



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