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 1 Email Address
                                  • 1 Email Alias
                                  • URL Forwarding
                                  • Anti-Virus and Anti-Spam

TheMailBox allows you to register one domain name and then gives you two email addresses for use on your chosen domain. If you register the domain, you can use as your email address.

TheMailBox service saves your email with us on a POP Mailbox. You can download the email from our mail server to your favourite email software (like Microsoft Outlook). Or, you can view it online through a web page, using our WebMail service.

TheMailBox is an Email Hosting solution designed for businesses wanting an entry-level email management product, without the need for multiple email addresses. If you are looking for your first email solution, and you want a personalised email address, you should consider TheMailBox.

TheEntry Hosting Pricing >>

 $44.00 Set-up fee (once only)
 $44.00 annually
 Registry fees for new domains

Features of TheMailbox

  • 1 POP email account, giving you an email box addressed

  • 1 Email alias

  • URL forwarding

  • Anti-Virus and/or Anti-Spam protection

The Domain Name Redirection Service gives you the ability to point your chosen domain name to another Web address, but leaving your domain name in the Web browser so the underlying address is hidden.  Customers looking for are instantly redirected to, however your customers will not see the ISP Web address. This service is essential for businesses using a free Web site at their ISP, since these typically have long and unwieldy Web addresses.

Having a personalised Web address, which remains in the Web browser, gives your site the appearance of a professionally hosted site.

Benefits of Email Hosting with TheMailBox

The speed of a super-fast STM-1 (ATM) link.

A Data Centre has been specifically designed to be the most sophisticated hosting infrastructure for SME's in Australia.

Instantaneous administration of your services with your own Control Panel.  Features include:

  • You define your own alias (e.g.

  • You can choose methods to collect your email

    • forward it to another email address

    • queue it in a POP mailbox

    • access it through a webpage with WebMail

  • You define the name of your POP accounts

  • Each POP account can be expanded from its 10Mb limit

  • You can define your passwords

  • You can add/delete accounts

  • You can set up an autoresponder

  • You can do everything instantaneously

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