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 1 Email Address
                                  • 5 Email Aliases
                                  • URL Forwarding
                                  • Anti-Virus and Anti-Spam

ThePOP1 allows you to register one domain name, we host that domain name, enabling you to have a personalised email address. If you register the domain, you can use as your email address.

ThePOP1 service saves your email on a POP Mailbox. You can download the email from NetRegistry to your favourite email software (like Microsoft Outlook). Or, you can view it online through a web page, using NetRegistry's WebMail service.

ThePOP1 is an Email Hosting solution designed for businesses wanting an entry-level email management product, and various aliases like If you looking for your first email solution, and you want a personalised email address, you should consider ThePOP1.

TheEntry Hosting Pricing >>

 $  44.00 Set-up fee (once only)
 $  88.00 annually
 Registry fees for new domains

Features of ThePOP1

  • 1 POP email account, giving you an email box addressed

  • 5 Email alias

  • URL forwarding

  • Anti-Virus and/or Anti-Spam protection

Benefits of Email Hosting with ThePOP1

The speed of a super-fast STM-1 (ATM) link.

A Data Centre has been specifically designed to be the most sophisticated hosting infrastructure for SME's in Australia.

Instantaneous administration of your services with your own Control Panel.  Features include:

  • You define your own alias (e.g.

  • You can choose methods to collect your email

    • forward it to another email address

    • queue it in a POP mailbox

    • access it through a webpage with WebMail

  • You define the name of your POP accounts

  • Each POP account can be expanded from its 10Mb limit

  • You can define your passwords

  • You can add/delete accounts

  • You can set up an autoresponder

  • You can do everything instantaneously

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