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                               URL Forwarding
                               • Unlimited Email Aliases
Catch-all Email Address
Unlimited Sub-domains

Perfect for companies with
                                          multiple products/services.

Also known as 'Web forwarding' and 'Cloaked pointing', this service is ideal for a number of uses:

  1. Direct your domain name to free webspace you have with your ISP. This service lets you hide the free website address from customers looking for your businesses URL.  When customers type into their web browser, the underlying web address provided by your ISP, like is hidden.

  2. Direct your domain name to specific pages within your website for targeted marketing and promotional of specific products and services.  An example of this would be where a domain name is directed to

  3. Direct multiple domain names to the one website. In many cases, a business registers different versions of their domain name to secure their business identity on the internet.  A company may register as their main web address, and also register additional domain names such as,,, so that no one else can utilise a domain name that could be mistaken for their company.  Given the fact that there are no restrictions on the use of .com, .net, .info and .biz domain name registration, securing all options available makes good business sense.

TheEntry Hosting Pricing >>

 $35.00 annually
 Registry fees for new domains

  • URL Forwarding
    We can forward you domain name anywhere, hiding the address that it is sent to.

  • Unlimited Email Aliases
    e.g. is forwarded to an existing email account of your choice.

  • Catch-all Email Facility
    ensures that all email sent to is received even if someone makes a spelling error 
    e.g. correct email address -
          misspelt email address -
    With our catchall facility, both email addresses would reach their intended destination   

  • Unlimited Sub-Domains
    Add a new dimension to your domain name. or are both sub domains - you may want to use sub domains to advertise particular parts of your business.

    * Note: You must have your domain name under our management in order
                to utilise our redirection services.

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