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Web Design Process

Choosing a web design to create a presence for your company on the internet can be a difficult decision.  So that you are fully informed every step of the way throughout the project, below you will find our process fir designing your website.  We feel that defining the customers goals and expectations is crucial to developing a successful website.  As a result, all of our sites are designed from scratch, according to your feedback.

Arrange a Free, No-obligation consultation

Call or email us to express your interest in developing a new website, or redesigning your current site. We will organise a free, no-obligation consultation where you can sit down, relax, have a coffee and discuss with us exactly what you are looking to achieve from your website.  We will discuss ideas regarding overall appearance, colour scheme, time frame for completion, and any other relevant issues such as domain name registration or web site hosting that may be required by you.  Upon concluding our meeting we will forward to you a Proposal containing an overview of what we discussed in the meeting, an Estimation on the cost to develop your website and a project contract.

Official Project Commencement *

If you are satisfied with our proposal you will be required to return the completed contract and pay the required deposit ** so that we can officially commence development of your website.

Provision of Information & Images

You  will need to provide all of the information and images you wish to display on your website in electronic format (if this is not possible, additional charges may be incurred for typing and scanning of information).   This information may include your catalogue, brochures, customer feedback forms, pamphlets, business cards, colour copies of photographs and images, and any other media you wish to include in the web design.  We will also need to obtain important company information such as locations, hours, history, philosophy, employee information, etc. Keep in mind that the more information that you can provide for your web site, the more valuable it will be for your visitors.  Your site will be available online 24/7, so you want to provide as much accurate information as possible.  We ask that you inform us of which images you wish to appear on which pages if you have specific preferences.

Should images be requested but not supplied within 2 months of project commencement, only at our discretion can they then be included as part of the original project spec. All images must be provided exactly as requested.

Research & Development

We ask that you do some research on the internet and locate websites that may have design ideas, colour schemes, and functions that appeal to you.  We also ask that you provide your main competitors' websites.  The more ideas you can provide to us at this stage, the more money you can save on the initial design.  Based on your ideas, we will create several potential page layout for you to peruse and make it available online for you to review.  This stage of the process is very interactive, as we will be asking for your opinions quite frequently.  We will be working closely with you to determine which elements you like and which you don't until we both begin to get a solid web design scheme that best represents your company.

Website Development

Once we have established the base appearance of the website, we will start creating the skeleton structure of the site based on the logical organization of the data you have supplied us.  This stage may require a lot of interaction from you to clarify the data you provided and the overall appearance of the additional pages and features we add.  Again, the more information you provide the easier it will be to prepare each of the webpages.

Pre-launch Preview

Upon developing the majority of the website we will be asking for your feedback on the total look and feel, as well as functionality.  We will be editing the completed information and checking for flawless functioning of your website to ensure user-friendliness.  We will continue to make adjustments and modifications until your a completely satisfied with the appearance and usability of your website, prior to launching it on to the Internet.

Website Launch **

With your approval, we will consider the initial design process finished.  We will request information relevant to access the web server where your website will be located, for the purposes of uploading your new site. You will be billed for the balance of the web design fees ** and upon receipt of payment your website will be publicly launched on the Internet.  From this point on, changes made to the website will be billed at our hourly site maintenance rate.

Domain Name & Website Hosting

If you need to register a domain name, we can assist you.  Website Hosting is also an essential part of your web presence because without it, no one will be able to view your new website.  If you have yet to source a Web Hosting Service Provider, we have a wide range of services available.

Website Marketing & Promotion

At the point where your website has been made publicly available on the internet we encourage you to actively promote your new website address to existing and prospective clients through your business stationery such as business cards, letterheads, etc., signage on your business premises and on company vehicles.

We also offer a Search Engine Optimisation service to enable visitors to find you on the Internet.  If you are interested in finding out more about this service, please read more about Search Engine Optimisation.

Contact us - click here to send an email.

DISCLAIMER: We reserve the right to amend this page at any time without notifying clients of such changes that may affect their existing projects with us. We advise clients to therefore monitor this page for any changes.

* You agree that in the provision of web design services by us that we may utilise the services of third party contractors and that as such information and/or materials supplied by you to us may be passed on to them. We are not responsible for the content on your site including intellectual property and copyright ownership of material displayed. Further to this you are responsible for keeping a copy of your website including all databases and files relevant to its full functioning. You must complete feedback within 7 working days during design concept/production phases. Failure to do so may result (as our discretion) in the work being completed 'as is', under the assumption that you are satisfied with the site and that you require no changes. Any changes requested thereafter will be subject to an standard hourly rates of $88.00 per hour.

** Each project will have a specified deposit amount, and details of any periodic payments, and final balances due. Once the project has meet the exact specifications outlined in the project spec, any monies owing are due, prior to the site ownership becoming yours and its launch online to the internet. Should you request changes outside the project spec, these can be undertaken but at no time will this impact on final payments pertaining to original projects. Failure to make payment on monies owing will result in balances owing being forwarded to debt collections. Should this occur you will be liable for both our monies owed and payments we incur as a result of having to engage debt collectors.


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