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Scripts Supported

We provide a huge number of features with every Web Hosting service. Additionally, some of our premium packages come with database, scripting, security and shopping cart applications.

EasyCGI pre-written scripts

Available on all web-hosting services, EasyCGI pre-written scripts are ready for you to use and easy to install on your website.

  • Search engine

    • You can allow customers to search your website by simply cutting and pasting a couple of lines of HTML into your webpages

  • Enquiry forms & Order forms

    • You can allow customers to submit information to you.

  • Counters

    • Put counters on your webpages, so customers can see how many visits you get. Choose from loads of colours and designs.

PowerCGI scripting

Our use of Zeus, a professional web server software, allows customers the unfettered ability to load customised CGI scripts onto our servers without risking the stability of the machines.

Zeus limits the ability of individual scripts to use all the server resources, hence we don't need to charge you to check your scripts, before we let you run them. This is a real advantage, not to mention Zeus happens to be the world's fastest server software!

PHP scripting

PHP scripting is available on all the latest stable versions of PHP.

  • PHP version PHP v3.0.18

  • PHP version PHP v4.2.3

  • Majority of PHP modules installed

  • ZendOptimizer v1.3.3 installed

  • Read more about PHP hosting

  • View our technical support documentation on PHP hosting

JSP scripting

JSP scripting is available on most versions of JSP.

  • JSP version 1.2

  • Java servlets written to the 2.2 version of the servlet specification

  • JDK version 1.4.1

  • More about JSP hosting

  • View our technical support documentation on JSP hosting

ASP scripting

ASP, or Active Server Pages, are supported on the more stable UNIX platform

  • Active Server Pages, such as VBScript and JScript, utilising Chili!Soft ASP Spice Pack (a collection of server side ActiveX controls)

  • More about ASP hosting

  • View our technical support documentation on ASP hosting

PostgreSQL databases

PostgreSQL is available on version 7.3.4

MySQL databases

MySQL is available on version 4.0.18

Shopping carts

We also offer support for a large number of shopping cart applications. Most of these applications require server-side dependant software, so unfortunately we can't accommodate all of them

  • EziMerchant (desktop application, available from our sales consultants)

  • EziCart (online application, which you manage through a webpage)

  • More on shopping carts

SSL server

We are able to offer the ultimate peace-of-mind by providing customers accepting credit cards on the Internet, the ability to gain access to super-secure 128-bit Thwate encryption technology

Policy regards new releases of web hosting technologies and applications

Generally, for existing web hosting technologies we test and implement new releases 4 weeks after launch, by which time it is expected the technology is stable.

If we do not currently list a web hosting technology that you would like us to support, please inform us and we can tell you if implementation is pending.

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